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A series of questions / answers meant to meet the expectations related to the FotoDumbrava team!

The standard offer includes a team consisting of a photographer and an assistant. If both photographers are free or you want to expressly participate two photographers, the offer can be modified. Participation in the event usually covers 16 hours, on that day. For the photo sessions from the day of the civil wedding or Trash the dress, the hourly interval will be established together with the bride and groom taking into account the location and the period of the year in which it is performed.

Our photo is natural, light and as little edited as possible. We try to combine photojournalism with the artistic side of photography. As much as possible, we want to make a program with you to go through the event day. We can offer you advices related to the event program, photo session locations or any other details that the experience has taught us to take into account.
We get involved to create a good photo in less satisfactory arrangement conditions. We will interfere when is necessary and we will be invisible where the moment demands it.We will do all this if you will communicate to us your expectations from us and from that day and if you will give us total trust.

The number of photos submitted depends very much on the nature and complexity of the event. This number varies from at least 500 frames to how many we can carry and how much you can offer us :)!
In other words, we are followers of a “worked” photo more, but with a strong message, than “n” photos without essence.

For us, photography means 80% field, in the battlefield and 20% in our workspace, in the editing studio. We try to take a good photo to edit less invasively after the event. But our involvement does not end on the day of the event, the care and attention we pay to the few hundred frames initially shot, the time of post-processing and detailed editing of photos that will reach your single album, is measured in a few weeks, between 30 and 90 working days. All post-processed photos will be delivered on at least two custom DVDs, in JPG format. The design and printing process of the photobooks takes a little longer.

Yes, we have a videographer team formed and guided by us. Usually, when you purchase a service, it is much easier and more convenient for you to work with a provider that offers more services. In our case, photographers and videographers will cooperate much better at your event, knowing each other for a long time, participating together in events of the same nature and helping each other.

Our offers start from some standard packages. But each of them can be customized according to the requirements of each of you, as well as the season of the event. The price becomes important after other details have been developed. And we are convinced that you, those who relax your eyes on our photos, will surely find the right package for you.

It takes a second and it lasts a lifetime!
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