Meet the Dumbrava team

We are Ana and Daniel, with over 10 years of experience in event photography! We started together as a couple, but also as partners, we started from a happy event to take a picture and now we are still happy!

Our adventure through the world of photography was born in the same time as our journey as a couple. In the first sunny days of January 2007, our album of stories open its tabs, ready for be written. And the same passion that united our destinies, the same passion has given us years of wonderful experience with our clients. Together we learned to photograph people in the most beautiful moments of their lives, we helped to keep their memories and insert them in their own photo album, we encouraged them together on the wedding day and continue to see them again with the camera ready or whenever their family was blessed with a baby or a memorable event! While our hard drives are getting full with beautiful images, our soul and professional experience is getting better . With each event we attend, the challenges offer us new perspectives in the desire to offer, in addition to quality photos also a pleasant experience on the day of the event.

The personality of each of us also dictates how we take care of the photography and the interaction between each of you! Ana is very calm and empathetic, balanced and always tries to reveal everything that is most beautiful from a moment, far from disturbing it, in any way, it naturalness. Daniel abounds in energy and joy, entering very easily in the middle of any action and, without realizing it, he devised a plan to photograph everything that moves!

Everything that is relevant and important to you, it is important to us, also! We will be the only care provider who will spend the whole day with you. That’s why, together, we will make the best of it!

It takes a second and it lasts a lifetime!
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