Irina si Salim

  • Nunta
  • Bucuresti
  • 05 Jul 2019

This story is about Irina and Salim and their beautiful and very special day! For me and my team it was a day about two very inloved and most sincerely grooms I have seen in their wedding day! It was about them and about the love, the respect and the touch of sensitivity in their relationship! It was all about happines and accomplisment, about the gratitude for being togheter for so many years, for the trust they’ve earned and for the many happy days that will come!

Irina knows Salim since high school. And since then Salim has remained under her magic. Because we’ve stayed with Irina all day long, we have realised that she spreads magic all over the people who meet her because of her smile and her humanity and all her beautiful soul! We are sure that Salim knows what Irina needs to feel so special and to give so much love to him!

It was a wedding with a lot of friends who came all over the world and who spoke different languages. For my release when is about pictures and party, all of them spoke the same dialect: big smiles, huge hugs and extraordinary dancers!

The humanistic ceremony was a moment when seems that all the planet stoped to hear Irina and Salim’s heartbeats, to hear their shared love thirs, to smell the love floating in the air and to bless their union!

All the day long we’ve collected memories for them, printable memories, happy and exciting moments! We made pictures with them and their beloved family and, if you- the viewer –stay still for a second youl will see that special thing between two special people: LOVE!

With love, PhotoDumbrava team!

Fotografia dureaza o secunda, amintirea o viata!
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